Friday, January 31, 2014

Home Remidies For Sinus Infections, Colds, Stuffy Noses, and Upper Resperatory infections

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor or a medical professional, before trying any home remedy research it yourself and talk to your doctor.  This post contains affiliate links, if you click them and purchase something I get a small commission, but that does not effect your price in the least!

Important!  I do not recommend this treatment for children, all these oils are very powerful and would be bad for small children.

 I am frequently troubled by sinus infections and upper respiratory junk.  There is of course antibiotics, but with no health insurance right now going to the doctor is out of our reach unless something really drastic happens!  So one thing I have found to help is steam treatments with certain essential oils.  By the way the essential oils are super cheap right now, especially considering that one bottle will last a very long time.  I always keep these on hand for illnesses.

The three most effective essential oils I have found for sinus infections are Pine, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus.

First Option: I just boil about four to six cups of water and pour it into a bowl, then put a towel over my head, and then I add 5 drops of Pine oil and Eucalyptus and breath in through my nose for a few minutes, then I add about 5 drops of the Tea Tree and do the same.  I usually cough allot with the Tea Tree because it is strong!  But it really kills germs too!  You must be ready with the towel over your head as soon as you put the oils in the water because they instantly vaporize, and you will miss it if your not ready to breath them in.  This really works for me although it is a bit uncomfortable because the tea tree burns a bit as you breath it in!

Second Option:  Put 2 drops of each on either side of my pillow so that it surrounds your head. Then you breath them in all night.

Third option: Add them to your hot bath, but make sure you are already in the bath as the oils will dissipate very quickly once added to the hot water!  You want to already be in there and breathe deeply.

Fourth Option:  Premix these oils into about 4 cups of Redmond Mineral Bath Salts (which are much better than Epsom salts which are mainly manufactured in China with God knows what added to them).  Twenty Drops of the Pine and the Eucalyptus, and then 10 of the Tea Tree should be good and then mix well.  You could also add some lavender for soothing nerves.  About a half a cup would be enough in the bath.

Fifth Option: Mixing two drops of each into some olive oil and applying to your neck and chest would work too, just be sure to dilute it with 1/4 cup olive oil, coconut oil, or any other natural oil.  Don't use things like baby oil or Vaseline because they are petro oils that will not absorb into your skin.

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  1. Eucalyptus works for me every time! Love it. Would love you to link up at Oil Me up Wednesdays at My Lamp is full. A brand new linky for all things essential oils! Found you on Titus 2Tuesday


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