Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thrifty Ways to Save Money on Boys Pajamas We have four children and a very limited budget so saving money on clothes is almost a job in itself for me.  One way is to be very frugal when it comes to pajamas for my kids.  Pajamas after all are only worn at night when they are sleeping so no one really sees them.

I therefore never buy the character outfits you see in the stores.  These on average are about ten to twenty dollars an outfit and are always made of polyester.  I hate polyester clothing and because of my eldest sons allergies never buy clothes, especially night clothes, that are made of it.  Clothing made from polyester or other synthetics are essential plastic bags for your body and do not allow sweat to be wick'd away from the skin.  Our bodies eliminate large amounts of toxins and waste at night through sweat so there is another reason for wearing cotton or other natural fabrics to bed.

So what are some ways to be thrifty about boys PJ's?  Well what we do is buy boys white undershirts in the underwear isle.  These come in bags of five to eight and cost on average 10.00 per bag.  One bag outfits each son for an entire season.  Then for bottoms it depends on the season.  In summer we just let them wear their underpants (as they grow older this will not be an option).  In the spring, fall, and winter we buy simple flannel PJ bottoms or thermal long johns that are cotton.  It is hard to find real cotton flannel boys pants as the standard is all children's clothing must be plastic based because of fire concerns.  So often I buys size small men's or even women's flannel PJ's and hem them in to fit.  Both of those items I am constantly on the lookout for in thrift stores and yard sales.  If I see some that will fit either of my boys at present or near future I buy them.

Also every year right after Christmas Walmart puts its winter clothes on clearance, including all it's flannel PJ bottoms and thermal underwear outfits.  This is a great time to stock up at really great prices.

So doing my usual I spend about $15.00 per son to outfit them in pajamas for spring/fall/winter.  And then $10.00 for summer.


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  1. Great tip! I do something quite similar for my children including the girls. My younger boy sometimes uses boxer shorts, over his boxer briefs, in the summer time. I also have bought the cheaper cotton shirts and shorts for PJs. Those last for several years and are great handmedowns for either gender.


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