Monday, December 30, 2013

Effective, Natural, Affordable, Non Cancer Causing Deodorants!

Note: This is not a review or paid post.  I received no products or money to write this post.  This is just something I feel passionate about and want to share any knowledge I have that could help others out.

I am not going to go into a long winded debate here with tons of facts, statistics, or arguments.  I believe my readers are smart enough to do the research on their own.  Look it up, Google it, and then decide. 

I am going to put out there why I don't use regular deodorants/antiperspirants. Also I am going to put some useful links (note these are affiliate links and I may get a small commission if you buy, but your price stays the same) to a few natural deodorants that I have found through lots of trial and error that are not only safe, but actually work really well too!   In place of the long word antiperspirant/deodorant I'm just going to use AD!

Facts about AD's That Made Me Stop Using Them

They have not been tested for long term human use and considering humans generally use them from the teen aged years on that is not good.

They contain chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer

They are designed to be used in the armpit, which is right where our lymph glands are.  Lymph glands are great at absorbing chemicals.

Most breast cancer happens right near a woman's armpit.

Since most American (including myself) shave their underarms, that apparently ups the risk when paired with AD's use.  The shaving creates little cuts in the armpit causing the chemicals to be absorbed even more.

They are made up of CHEMICALS that are bad for us!  And since I am trying to lighten my chemical exposure I would rather not use them than have perfect smelling pits.

So there are my reasons.  The problem is that finding a really effective but at the same time natural deodorant has been extremely hard for me.  Some that I tried caused me to itch horribly, others didn't work, and still others were just too expensive! 

Finally I found two that not only work, but also don't irritate my skin and are reasonably priced.

First is my favorite from Vermont Soap Company.  It is the Sage Lime Organic Deodorant .  I love this stuff!  It has lasted me forever and at only 12.99 is a pretty good deal.  It is aluminum, triclosan, and propylene glycol free and based with coconut oil which not only keeps you stink free but also softens and whitens the underarm area.  I, unfortunately, sweat allot due to going to peri menopause but with this deodorant I have been nice smelling for months!  I like the sage lime scent and it works for both men and women.

The second deodorant is called Real Purity and sells for $11.49.  This is the one my husband likes best.  He is a mechanic so does lots of hard physical work every day.   It is a roll on and has a light slightly spicy smell to it.  It works amazingly well, especially for people who sweat allot.  As it is roll on it leaves no residue.

 I think we can be non smelly but not have to coat ourselves in toxic chemicals to achieve it.  I am very concerned about the long term health effects of using chemicals on our bodies that have never been tested for years of daily use.


  1. Thank you for sharing I have been looking for an all natural deodorant!


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