Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Organizing Clothing for Large Families and Prepping for Future Use and Ways to Save Money

Lots of people tell me we have a "large" family because we have 4 children.  I don't really see it that way because to me "large" is six children and over.  In any case the more children you have the more fun life can be, but challenging too!  Especially if you live on a very tight budget like we do.  Handing clothes down to the next child is absolutely essential.  And finding good deals on clothes and shoes is one of my major quests in motherdom.

So I'll give everyone a tip.  Every February Walmart does a huge clearance sale on all its fall and winter clothes.  Things are 50% off or more so you can get amazing deals on coats, jeans, boots, long sleeved shirts and night outfits.  This also happens to fall in tax return season so if you have a little extra money its a good time to stock up for next fall for your family.

Because clothing prices are going up and I'm never certain of our money supply at school shopping time I always stock up in preparation for next winter. I do this in three main ways.  First is yard sales where you can find the best deals, second is thrift stores that are generally a bit more expensive than yard sales but still way cheaper than new at the store, and third at clearance sales. This is also a good prepping tip because what happens if TSHTF and you don't have any clothes for those kids.

So while we were at walmart the other day I got some amazing deals on shirts, pants, shoes, and coats.  I also bought the next size up in socks and underwear for all the kids for next fall.

Next I organized them into totes.  I have separate totes for seasons spring and fall for each child, and into them go the appropriate clothing and accessories.  Then on the side of the tote is a sheet with what it contains and how many of each item so I know if I need to be on the lookout for more of a particular item.  Every time I put a handmedown shirt in I just make another mark under shirts etc.

This system takes all the guess work out of stocking clothes for my family and eliminates duplicates and waste.  It also keeps the clothes neat and clean until they are needed.


  1. Great tip! I am totally disorganized so I will be putting this one into action. Thanks!
    Texas Kelly

  2. What month is Walmart's summer clearance since I missed the winter clearance?

  3. I do this as well, although at the moment I just have 1 child. I am lucky in the regards that one of the church run thrift stores in a neighboring town has at least 1 weekend a month, if not a whole week when they have all clothes for $0.25 each, and every couple months that sale includes coats and shoes as well. When they have these sales I always browse all the kids clothes to find stuff in larger sizes that my daughter can use when she gets older, at least stuff she can wear around the property and get dirty. Often times many of the clothes are brand new. Also a great way to stock up on work clothes for around the property too. Other thrift stores, like the Salvation Army often do $0.25 on all clothes for a couple days every 4 months or so. So we always make sure we keep up to date when the thrift stores are running sales and make a trip into town on those days to stock up. I also store the larger sizes in tubs and keep a sheet letting me know what I have in each size and what I can be on the lookout for. And I know some people don't like doing this, but also some of the thrift stores in my area put free bins of clothes out in front of the store, usually its clothes that are outdated, missing buttons, have small holes, or have staining on them. I have found my daughter many pairs of pants and shirts in that bin just because they were missing buttons or had a tiny hole that was easy to patch.


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