Thursday, October 10, 2013

Making Modest Nightgowns for Girls from Thrift Store Finds

Almost all little girls love old fashioned frilly nightgowns, and I am always on the lookout for them at thrift stores and yard sales.  But I will tell you finding actual 100% cotton flannel night gowns for winter, or lighter cotton gowns for summer is almost impossible in the girls section.  Even brand new at stores it is hard to find modest but pretty nightgowns.  They mostly run to Hanna Montana or Bratz tank tops and short in 100% acrylic (see plastic) fabrics.  You can order them online, but that is way out of my price range!

Also a great thing about using flannel nightgowns for girls in winter is that they breath and wick away sweat, but at the same time are soft and warm.  The polyester fabrics for most pj's are essentially plastic bags for your body since they are made out of plastic.  I notice too that the few we have gotten fall apart very easy and after several washings and drying's they start to get a tacky feel to the fabric which I hate.  Flannel, however, just gets softer and softer.  Some of my daughters nightgowns were passed down from her big sister, and those were bought at thrift stores.  Yet they are still holding together with no holes or ripped seams.

So while at the thrift shops, which by the way is the best place to look for a good selection, I go to the women's nightgown sections and look through the small and extra small sizes.  I have found dozens of cute flannel nightgowns from name brand, highly priced, companies in brand new condition because women now days don't really want to wear old fashioned flannel nightgowns.  But my little girl loves them!  And with just a few adjustments they fit her perfect coming down to her ankles and wrist.  All I do is usually take in the shoulders a little and sometimes take in the bottom hem to make them fit.

I also do this with light cotton summery gowns.  Princess in Waiting loves to wear them and just look at some of the lovely finds I have made!  This white lacy gown is 100% cotton and very soft.  It comes all the way down to my daughter ankles and is not see through because it has a double layer.  I just took in the shoulders and the arm holes and now it fits her perfect!

the bottom ruffle detail

This was a small woman's flannel gown and I didn't have to do anything to it

Here is the fabric print of small flowers

here is a classic plaid with lace at the wrists and neck, but very soft lace.  I had to take up the shoulders to fit her so the neck wouldn't gape.  I have probably 7 flannel nightgowns for her, way more than I need but as they will last several years it's ok.

Ok I just found a womans one, which I love because I wear flannel nightgowns too, and that is a great price!


  1. This is a great idea! I found this post on the Prarie Homestead's Barn Hop and am glad that I did!

  2. I love the summer gowns, finding them in my size is getting harder in stores (or they are completely see through thin - not okay in my home with a teen son). I would be MUCH too hot in a flannel gown in our current apartment. I did enjoy the hand made ones I had as a girl. I know the PJs are made to be flame retardant, protecting little ones. I find the artificial fibers don't feel soft to the touch, worry about the colors bleeding in the wash and the out gassing smell is too much to handle. Makes you wonder, is it really a good idea to expose young, small children to that many chemicals.. in the name of "safety"?

  3. My daughter isn't into nightgowns but I am, so I'm thinking I'll do this for me!
    Thanks so much for sharing this at Farm Girl Blog Fest #21!
    ~Kristi@Let This Mind Be in You

  4. The Kohl's link isn't working for the nightgown, I did notice who makes it. I recently found (at a thrift store) two 100% cotton tops made by Croft & Barrow that I like as they are so soft

  5. I was just thinking of going to the thrift store for some 100% cotton nightgowns for my girls! Great post.


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