Saturday, February 23, 2013

In love with my new stainless steel teakettle from Lehman's

Large Spout Kettles

I just have to let you all know about my most recent purchase.  Now as you know if you've read my blog at all, I generally purchase almost everything used at thrift stores or yard sales.  So when I actually buy something brand new, even something relatively cheap, I do tons of research  read the reviews, and compare prices before I buy it.

My last tea-kettles have all been correll ware kinds found at yard sales.  The problem is that even though I quite like them they are small so that they don't fill up my tea pot when I'm making tea. And they don't have a whistle so my eldest daughter who also loves tea, forgets about it and it goes dry and then shatters.

So I resolved to bite the bullet and buy a brand new whistling tea kettle.  First I looked at what was in stores, but I wanted something old fashioned looking and also stainless steel inside and out.  Then I looked online at wally world and target.  And then finally I looked at Lehman's website since I had to order something else that only they carry.

I saw they had several tea-kettles at the same prices as even cheapo walmart!  But I fell in love with the above tea kettle!  Here is the description.

Our three generously sized tea kettles feature a distinctive two-tone whistle, not the shrill screech of an average tea-kettle  The easy-clean stainless steel body helps keep water hot. Your choice of sizes; ideal for canning or a family gatherings.
  • Easy clean stainless steel kettles
  • Extra large pour spouts
  • Plastic handle stays cool
  • Made of 201 stainless steel
  • Imported

They come in three sizes and I got the one gallon.  Ok, come on one gallon!  And by the way that is the smallest size available, the biggest is two gallons.  This would be perfect for when the electricity goes out and you need to heat large amounts of water.  It is awesome and I love it, especially the whistle that is so cool.  When I first got it I immediately tried it out and right before it started to whistle gather all the kids around to hear it.  They have never heard a whistling tea-kettle before!  It sounds just like a train, but of course not as loud.  My eldest daughter wants to get one now for her hope chest!


  1. Love them!!!! When i get me a new kettle, Ill look into these!

  2. Love the tea kettle. My husband collects them and we love Lehmans. I think I know what he will be getting at Christmas!

  3. Very nice! I used to have a large enamel one that I used when I was canning. I may have to look into these. I wanted to ask - it says 'imported'. Is it made in China?

  4. Twenty years ago I received a Revereware whistling teakettle as a gift. What I really liked about it was that the whistle was attached to a hinged cover over the spout, but the release for the spout cover was attached to the handle! No getting one's fingers burned lifting the whistle to pour the hot water. One can lift the spout cover and simultaneously pour the water with one hand.Unfortunately over the years, the whistling mechanism detached from the spout cover. My husband repaired it but it broke again. I was very sad (especially when I went looking for a similar teakettle and couldn't find one). Then one day two years ago I happened on an estate sale. In the kitchen was a Revereware teakettle like mine in wonderful condition! I took it out to the sale table and asked the price. The man sitting beside the sales agent(who was obviously selling off his deceased relative's estate) rolled his eyes when I asked if the kettle was for sale, and said "Two dollars". I indicated I wanted the agent to hold it for me while I looked around through the rest of the house. As I turned to go into the next room I heard another woman behind me say in an excited tone, "Is that teakettle for sale?" The agent responded that it was being held for someone and a very peculiar expression crossed the face of the man sitting there. Apparently we knew something he didn't! I did buy it for two dollars and it has worked flawlessly. Also, I noticed that in my second teakettle, the whistling mechanism had been reinforced so that it would not detach from the spout cover as the first one had - a design improvement. If I ever see another one at a thrift store or yard sale I will definitely buy it as a replacement should anything happen to my current kettle. -Pamela


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