Monday, January 14, 2013

Being the Mean Mom

I have been long resigned to being the mean mom.  Meaning I have actual rules for my children, I don't let them watch anything over a G rating, I don't buy pop, chips, or candy except on red letter days.

I teach them to respect their elders, the police, and honour our military.  I refuse to buy video games and actually make them play outside every day. I know all my 15 year old daughters friends, and make sure I always know where they are and that they are supervised by a non idiot adult.

In general I don't give a crap what other "cool" parents think of me.  I don't care if my kids like me, nor do I long for a teenagers approval.

 Because loving your child is not about being blind to their faults, excusing their bad behavoir,  and letting them turn into monsters in the hopes that they will love you more.

Loving your child is being strong enough to hear the "I hate you's" the "Your ruining my life's" and millions of "But Billies parents let him, why can't I?" with the knowledge in your heart that you are doing the right thing.


  1. Absolutely! Amen.

  2. Great post! Parents need to be parents, not friends to their children.


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