Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hell Week

Well it has been a horrible, hellish week and a half for me!  First I have some very frightening unexplained bleeding that required a trip to the doctor for me, then viking boy age 4 stops eating for no apparent reason (until later) and I have to take him into the doctor where we end up having to do a blood draw!  Let me just tell you that doing a blood draw on anyone under the age of 16 is no fun.  Then as soon as we get settled at home he starts throwing up, having diarrhea  AND not eating!  After that one by one each of our six family members went through a horrible bought of stomach flu with symptoms that included vomiting, diarrhea  back ache, headache, fever, body aches, and tiredness.  I by the way was the second one down with it but still of course  had to take care of everyone else.  The worst part was that not one of the "little's" could make it to the toilet so between caring for them I was shampooing the carpets sometimes twice a day.

Then  two days before thanksgiving just when I was thinking everything was getting better my eldest daughter who was babysitting the kids called in panic because captain submarine, age 9, was laying on the floor of the bathroom screaming in pain.  After rushing home we headed to the emergency room where he had an IV port put in his arm (two kids in one week!), got put on morphine for the pain, and had ex rays  blood-work  and exams to find out that he had separated one of his floating ribs!

Then home and bed rest for him and the next day was Thanksgiving!

What am I thankful for?  Great emergency room nurses, care, and doctors.  And also my carpet shampooer.

Great now I hear Youngest daughter hacking down stairs.

Here we go again!


  1. ((Hugs)) Sounds like a terrible week. I had an all day migraine on Thanksgiving, but the rest of the family was well. I sure hope you guys are healing now and can stay out of the emergency room!

  2. Oh my dear! And here I sit nursing a small cold/virus giving thanks that I don't have a houseful of people to take care of. My heart goes out to you as do my prayers. I am believing that God will give you the strength of Samson (which you mostly show anyway) until everyone is healthy. Give Thanks - at least it isn't Christmas and they are all getting over this early in the season. ;-)

    God Bless,
    Janet in MA

    1. Thank you so much Janet! It has been pretty exhausting, but now we are all on the mend! I hope your cold gets better soon!

  3. I can relate to that. Hope all of you get better by the day.

  4. Oh goodness!!!! I hope things get better for you guys soon!

  5. One of my little ones and myself had the stomach flu this past week. We missed going to visit my extended family because my flu started Thanksgiving morning, and I was crushed! I'm 36 weeks pregnant with our 5th, so vomiting and pregnancy are a bad combo! We obviously didn't have it as bad as your family, but I feel a little of your pain. Hope you are all on the mend! I learned to be thankful for the mundane....especially when "mundane" just simply means no more throwing up!

  6. I am so sorry for all that you have been throuhj! my word. Praying for your family.

  7. So sorry to hear of this. I am hoping things are going better. How horrible for everyone. I shall keep you and the family in my prayers.

  8. Thank you all for the best wishes, we are all getting better now and I have good news on my health front!


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