Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Teacher encourages my Daughter to Pray for Mohammad at School!

First off I apologize for the weird formatting and how some of the text in this post is backed by white.  I tried several times to fix it but for some reason it wont let me.  But as you can still read it just fine I figure you all can just bear with me.

This last weekend my daughter came home very concerned about something her teacher was F.  They are currently learning about world religions and the teacher has been teaching on the Islamic  faith.  I am going to write just what happened from the answers I got from my daughter.  She came home from school and said she was concerned with what her teacher was saying because it not only seemed to have a real slant, but also she said some things that I frankly believe are not even within the realm of appropriate in a school setting that prides itself on the separation of church and state.

As the teacher has been discussing this subject the first thing that struck my daughter is that every time the teacher would say the name Muhammad (The prophet) she would then follow by saying “Peace be upon his name” explaining that this is how the students should say his name or it is a major insult.  My daughter felt that the teacher was meaning for the students to say it that way and in fact two students started repeating the phrase "Peace be upon him"  as well.

Here are two facts everyone should be aware of about this phrase she is encouraging them to say.  I researched this not only from regular definition sites, but also from Islamic sites for religious instruction.

1. Peace be upon him is a phrase that practicing muslims often say after saying or hearing the name of Mohammad.


So this teacher is literally encouraging our children to say a prayer in school for Mohammad by saying that this is the appropriate way to say his name!  And I thought religion had no place in schools!  This would be like explaining the catholic religion and then telling the students they must say a Hail Mary to be respectfull.

My View:  If a teacher in any school in America were to say that when you say the name  Jesus you should follow it by an Our Father prayer  or preform the sign of the cross and told the students that every time they said the name Jesus or God they should genuflect they would be in deep trouble.

Next she gave the usual line of it being a religion of peace.  Now we can debate that all day but I would say that every evidence is to the contrary here.  I would also like to say that most pundits that espouse this notion of it being a peaceful religion is only referencing the Koran, they ignore the fact that Islamic countries and followers use another book called the Sunnah.    Reference below.   And the Sunnah and Koran say that good Muslims must participate in holy war and that infidels must be killed.  We see massive violence right now in every corner of the globe due to this “religion of peace” that actively calls for killing and war in it’s religious texts.

Various sources of Islamic law are used by Islamic jurisprudence to elucidate the Sharia, the body of Islamic law.[1] The primary sources, accepted universally by all Muslims, are the Qur'an and Sunnah. The Qur'an is the holy scripture of Islam, believed by Muslims to be the direct and unaltered word of Allah. The Sunnah consists of the religious actions and quotations of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and narrated through his Companions and Imams- (as per the beliefs of the school of Ahle-Sunnah and Ahle-Shia).[1] However, some schools of jurisprudence use different methods to judge the source's level of authenticity. The other two sources are Ijma and Qiyas. Ijma is the decision taken as a council when both Quran and Sunnah prove to be insufficient and Qiyas is the personal opinion of a person himself not in contradiction with all first three sources.

My View:  Anyone who studies the Islamic texts, modern speeches and sermons given by their mullahs (who have the authority to interpret and judge cases and tell followers what is acceptable to do no matter the law of the country they are living in) or simply is smart enough to turn on the news would see that this religion is doctrinally violent towards unbelievers, woman, and even its own followers who step out of line.  If you are going to discuss a religion you better point out the good and the bad and not give a one sided view.
The teacher outlined some laws, giving the impression that it is a peaceful religion.  However she left out laws that are routinely enforced on not just followers of Islam, but on infidels as well (those that are not Islamic, yes even atheists) that ignore justice and human rights. But  to me the most concerning thing is that she told the students that the women she met at a mosque she attended for a college class told her how great their religion was and how they enjoyed wearing a burka (the veil). 

My View;What would happen to those women if they didn’t wear the veil?  It is a fact that in Muslim countries women who are unveiled will be attacked, stoned, have acid thrown on them, or be arrested by the “modesty police”.  Here in America we are still a nation of laws that protect personal rights and so the crimes committed against Muslim women will be punished.  However it is noted that in Muslim communities across the US woman and girls rarely report being beaten or abused because of their culture.  We are now seeing women and girls becoming the victims of honor killings right here the USA and other western nations when they become too westernized.

This teacher failed in every respect to point out the very real atrocities committed against Muslim girls and women even here in America to balance this view that the Islamic faith is nice to women.  She did say that woman in other Muslims countries woman have it bad but did not use any examples.  The reality is woman is Muslim countries have it bad because they use Sharia law as there justice system.  You would think that as a woman this teacher would not be to hot on a religion that doctrinally oppresses and devalues woman.  My question to her is how would she feel if our government said it is legal for her husband to beat her, that she must be veiled, that her daughters could not work, or worse yet that she could not work.

My main point is this.  If you are going to teach religions you either keep is simple or you go into detail.  She decided to go into detail by stating that


Although in its religious texts and laws state that you can beat woman, murder a woman who has dishonored her family, crucify those who speak out against the religion, and more than I can type.  All three of the things I just typed are happening right now, even the crucifixions which are being used RIGHT NOW in Egypt to punish people who speak out against the sharia ruled government.  

2.     Woman like the laws that govern them in Islam  

(This little theory has been blown apart by so many Muslim women it’s just sad that she would even imply that they enjoy the veil or punishments they are subject to)

This teacher did not give a balanced view of a religion that is systematic in its human rights violations, atrocities against woman, or its call for the murder of innocent people.  She instead portrayed it as a religion of peace.  She did not say that Christianity is a religion of peace so she cannot say she was portraying all the religions in the course the same. 

The discussion of prayer in school is pretty settle as far as teachersshould not be instructing their students to pray.

I went in first thing Monday morning and not only spoke to the teacher but also the principle about the incident.  The teacher (who is very young) said she had no idea it was an actual prayer and that she wasn't intending for the students to say it, she was only trying to show how much Muslims revere Mohammad.  This of course doesn't explain why the students felt the need to say the phrase after she explained how it is considered an insult not to say it that way.

She also stated that she is going to teach about the human rights violations that are epidemic throughout Islamic countries when they study those countries later on.

She seemed very nice and sweet, but frankly if your going to teach on religion you should do more than just repeat what you've been told in a mosque.  


I make a point to know whats going on in my daughters high school classes just for the above reasons.  Lucky for me I have also taught her to be aware and engaged in class so she noticed this issue right away.  She is an excellent student and all her teachers love her because she doesn't just sit there but engages and is interested.

This also goes to show you that even in small farming communities that are very conservative your going to have problems with liberal teachers with agendas.


  1. Wow! I am surprised, yet not really. I am surprised at the teacher's ignorance as to what she was asking/telling the students to say. I am NOT surprised that it happened. The no prayer in school thing seems to be usually directed mostly at Christians. I think people forget about the influences of other 'religions' and aren't as attentive to their influence in the schools. Good for you and your daughter! I would hope my kids are as aware as she when they are older. We are homeschooling our little ones for now. I am comforted by knowing what they are learning and since we cannot afford the Christian schools around here, I dread sending them to the very liberal schools. We get some odd looks, but I am more concerned with their spiritual well-being and foundation than I am with how ridiculous people think we are for not sending them to the school, conveniently located 1.5 blocks from the house. :) Keep up the good work! This country needs more well-grounded Christian young people!

    1. Good job on homeschooling your little ones, its a tough but rewarding endevor. Lucky for us this seems to be just the one teacher who is really liberal as we live in a small farming ranching community. Schools tend to be more conservative in these kinds of areas thankfully.

  2. I'm so glad that you went in a discussed this with the teacher and the principle. If this was Christianity, I'm sure someone would have complained. Good job!!!!

    1. I know really! Well as an update the teacher apologized to the whole class and had to explain that it was a prayer. Score one for the good guys!


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