Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Using Chickens to Clear Land

Now that we have moved into a new home I  wanted to plant a garden.  I knew in our last house was only temporary until we found something more suited for our family so even though I was itching to plant I didn't do more than some tomato plants.   I never really knew how much I loved gardening and canning until I was suddenly unable to do so.  Last year I was so ill all summer that I was happy just to be breathing and couldn't even think of gardening.  But this year I so wanted to get my hands into some dirt again!

The problem was that although we could garden as much as we wanted the entire yard is in grass which is such a pain to clear.  Both husband and I revolted at the thought of the back breaking labor of breaking sod after all the work we have been doing for a solid two months so we took the lazy mans approach that is slower but just as effective.  We used our chickens as land clearing machines!

I'm sure you all know that if you leave chickens in a run long enough they will turn it to bare dirt.  The smaller the run the faster it goes to dirt.  They eradicate every blade of grass, every weed and weed seed, and every bug in the area.  Chickens are quite wonderful in this way.  So husband and I set their run over the area we wanted cleared and BAM! Two weeks later weed and grass free land well fertilized and ready for planting.  Husband turned over the dirt a few times and I watered it a every day for several days to mellow it out and now I just planted some seed perfect for a fall crop.

I planted

broccoli rab

Here are some picks.  We have 10 chickens in the run




Oh chickens how I love thee!


  1. No that is what I call GREAT!!!!

  2. Very impressive, out of interest how many chickens cleared how much land in those two weeks? I'm plannning on doing exactly the same thing, but have three chickens (hopefully more on the way and four 4x8 foot plots to make.

  3. I think it is wonderful the work my chickens do around our home! They give us fresh eggs and clear the land of all manner of pests...they do an awesome job of amending the soil in our raised beds and clearing the grass, seeds and weeds!
    Good job little chickies. Hope you're able to enjoy your time in the garden. :) Pat

  4. Love this idea. Too bad our chickens aren't big enough to help out this year. lol


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