Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Making Home Made Noodles

One of the things I have always wanted to master is making noodles.  I figure its a good skill to have just in case, and I have it under advisory that homemade noodles are a hundred times better than store bought.  But some how I never bothered making my own. 

So this Christmas my mother asked what I would like. I instantly replied "A pasta maker!"  But not just any pasta maker, I wanted a non electric one.  That way if we loose power and I feel the urge to whip up a bunch of noodles I can!  You can also use the roller to make homemade crackers.

Well my mom obliged her strange daughter and I got a beautiful new hand operated pasta maker for Christmas.

Today I made chicken n' dumplings from the roast chicken we had for dinner last night and I decided to make home made egg noodles instead of using store bought.

It was an adventure and really fun.  Even eldest daughter got into the act!

It just takes flour and eggs

The mixed and kneaded doe

Roll through several times

Noodle time!

Into the pot

Time to eat!

These were so good.  I can't believe the difference in flavor and texture. The children asked for thirds, and while they love noodles this was a hit.  Definitely worth the trouble.


  1. very nice, hope you had fun doing it. Me and my grandmother used to do what you are doing in the photos as a tradition every sunday. But now that im not longer close to home, she only does it for my parents and other family

  2. I just got an atlas pasta maker like the one in your photo. I can't wait to try it out, as I have never had homemade noodles before and I really want to make some spinach noodles. Thanks for the post, I am going to have to do this now!

  3. Thanks petey good luck on your noodle adventure!

  4. I would love to make homemade noodles. The taste is so can never eat the "box" kind again. :)


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