Saturday, June 21, 2014

Aloe Vera for sore joints- This really works!

I received a tip from a commentator on my milking Buttercup (the jersey milk cow we had) and having sore hands on a natural remedy.  Diane recommended coating my hands with Aloe Vera gel right before bed and that the pain would disappear.  Well I was pretty skeptical, come on wouldn't we have heard about this?  But I was desperate.  IB Profen wasn't helping and I could hardly milk due to my finger joints hurting so bad.  So I cut a good spear off my aloe plant and rubbed it all over the sore parts.  Within 1 hour every joint was feeling 90% better.  I then applied more on the stubborn pain  points and it went away!  I am amazed about this.  Something God in his wisdom created. 

Thank you  Diane for clueing me into this, I am so grateful.

Anonymous said...

Newbie here. We're thinking of getting a cow (after having goats also). Just wanted to give you a tip for sore hands. Use aloe vera gel (yep the kind you put on sunburns) and rub all over your hands and wrists before bed. You will be amazed at how the soreness and stiffness will disappear! (Works on backs and knees too!) Hope this helps!

Diane in TX


  1. Thanks for the tip! I have sore hands all the time. I give it a try!

  2. This is good to know...thanks for passing it on to us...=)

  3. Thank you. My three year old son apparently has growing pains in his ankles. I took him to the doctor to find out if we could do something to help him, because it seems to be very painful, but he didn't find anything wrong, just said to massage it and maybe add more calcium/magnesium to his diet. Doing that, but pain is still there, so maybe we'll try rubbing aloe vera on his ankles as well and see if it helps!

  4. Wow great tip! I will definitely be using this :) I pinned it to my "Living Naturally" board on Pinterest, too!

    Thank you


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