Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ideas to turn a yard into a fun food producing garden that looks good

Now that spring is in my thoughts I am trying to come up with ideas to turn the rest of our yard into useful garden.  I want raised beds but I also want them to look good.  Here are some great pics of ideas to have a useful kitchen garden that wont annoy the neighbors (and might make them jealous) and is easy to plant and maintain.  My plan is to have half the yard in garden, fruit trees, and berries and the other half in grass for the kids to play.  We don't need allot of grass because right up the street is a lovely shaded park with nice new toys and a pool.  Bonus!  We dont have to maintain it. 

Source: flickr.com via Jen on Pinterest

Both of these are attractive and will provide enough space to plant a good amount of veggies.

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