Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden

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This is an amazing idea that has so much potential for the homesteader, gardener, or beginning gardener.  Think of using it to grow cucumbers or small melons and squash, notorious space hogs! This is also a big help to those with limited space. You could do one in annual herbs and do each tier in a different herb with several varieties.  Like several different basil's in one row.  You could do flowers to cover an ugly wall.  The possibilities are endless.  I personally am going to use it for an annual herb garden so I can devote more of my herb garden space to my perennials.  I'm also going to use it for cucumbers, small melons, and small winter squash.  I'm so excited about this idea and will post pics when we put them together.

Here is the link to the site I found it at.  Have fun with this!


  1. Something new to try! I have been stacking wood on and building compost heaps with pallets.

  2. Great to see you here Spinnersaw, I was a little worried about starting a new blog and ending my old one. It's so good to know you came over

  3. Awesome idea! This is perfect for people with small "cottage" yards in town and also for us garden challenged people! Thanks!!


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