Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Modest and Warm Nightgowns for the Wood Heated Home

What is it like living in a wood heated home?  Relying only on your wood stove for all your heat?  Or a better question, what happens if your lights and heat go off, or get cut off?  That is happening all over the country right now.  People are either loosing power due to storms for weeks on end, or loosing their power because they cant pay for it anymore.

You start to look at everything differently when you heat with wood.  Drafts and air leaks are ruthlessly sought out and plugged.  Blankets are only bought if they are warm and cozy, not thin or flimsy.  And clothing is viewed through the prism of the cold morning before the fire is started. No ankle socks for us, we want thick knee highs.  Long sleeved shirts are a must.  Down filled comforters and flannel sheets are the only thing we want on our beds.  And as for nightwear there is nothing like a long flannel nightgown that reaches all the way down to your ankles.

But the problem with that is that flannel nightgowns are not exactly fashion forward. It's hard to find affordable 100 % cotton flannel nightwear for children and adults.  For the kids I usually can find really nice flannels at the thrift store in size extra small womens.  They fit my 6 year old daughter just fine and go all the way to the floor because the style now of course is to only come to the knees or mid calf.  Not many people buy them because of course there are few small sized women and even fewer that want flannel nightgowns.

But as for me I wanted something modest, warm, and pretty to wear at night.  So I started searching the net for flannel gowns.  Most I found were "granny gowns" or somewhat ugly.  But I finally did find two places that not only carried 100% cotton flannel gowns (think little house on the prairie) but they were also very attractive yet modest. 

The first was at the Vermont Country Store, which I loved but its very pricey.  I love their stuff though so I will be back when we have more money.

The next was Sears, they have several very nice long cotton flannel nightgowns that are so soft and warm 100% cotton.  And best of all they are on sale for only $16.00 down from $40.00!

These are what I got and love them.  They are roomy, soft, warm, long, and modest yet pretty.


  1. Thank you so much for the tip on this sale.
    I too love long flannel gowns and just cannot afford those from the vermont country store.


  2. I had a very hard time trying to find modest looking, yet feminine looking nightgowns too. So I opted for the simplest pattern on the market and sewed my own.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention that we too heat only with a wood stove. All we need to do now is get our well water set up outside with a pump handle, should we lose electricity, then we'll be all set!


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