Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crayon shaving stained glass pumpkins and leaves- Fall craft

I remember doing these as a child and loving the magical transformation of the crayons to a stained glass like window hanging so I decided to do it with my kids.

The different supplies

Crayon shavings - my hands hurt just looking at them

Captain Submarine making his pumpkin

The finished products!  They are so pretty with the light coming through.

We had a great time and they turned out great.


  1. I would like to copy this idea! A few questions, you put pumpkin frame down then wax paper, then crayons, then wax paper, then pumpkin frame. Do you glue the frame to the wax paper before?
    thanks, Rachel

  2. Rachel,

    We glued the frame on afterwords and used the frame under the wax paper as a kind of guide for the kids to follow as to where to put the shavings.

    So first you put downs some newpaper, then the cut out be it leaf, pumpkin, turkey. Then a peice of wax paper. Now let your kids sprinkle away. When they are done put on another peice of wax paper and then another newspaper and use your iron on low applying a little pressure as you move it around to melt the wax.

    We learned that you dont need very much shavings as they spread alot when melted.


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