Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Visiting The Art Show- or what we did this weekend with pics

This last weekend was filled with a local Western Arts Show and Old Car show.  We went to both, because they were free!  It was allot of fun, but I noticed there weren't as many booths as last year.  Not even close.  We looked at all the art from various artists and the kids insisted on dressing in their "western" wear.  Much of it was very beautiful, I'm not much of a "Western" art lover, but I do love landscapes of which there were plenty.  There were several activities to participate in while we were there.  There was this roping area for kids with a real Chuck wagon the kids could play in.  This is brought every year by members of our church who are very much into western stuff.

Then there was a children's art area where the kids could make bead jewelry, paint different types of pictures or get their faces painted.  All for free I might add!

We visited the history filled train station that has gads of memorabilia from the founding of the town and train line history.  It still has one of the few remaining working telegraph lines.  It also has a antique train caboose that you can explore which was very neat.

There were cowboy poets, storytellers, singers, and actions all day that you could listen too.  But the biggest hit had to be the shoot out reenactment where several "bad" guys took the ladies hostage and got into a shootout with the local law.  They used real guns that shot off blanks and produced lots of noise and smoke.  Viking boy was in heaven.

The car show was mainly for me and Husband and we enjoyed seeing over 40 antique and classic cars.
It was a fun and

The Kids had a blast

Western Gals

Gentlemen Cowboy showing the kids how to rope


This man has worked as a cowboy and camp supervisor for his whole life

The only art I bought was something I really couldn't pass up.  I was walking along and saw an interesting artist who painted landscapes on feathers!  Yes I know that sounds maybe not so nice but these were truly fantastic.  Well I saw one that was of a Gazebo that looked exactly like a Gazebo I played on as a child in Walla Walla.  It's locally famous and has an amazing history.  By sisters and brother and I used to bike to that lovely park all summer to look at the birds in the aviary (also really amazing) and play on and around the gazebo.  In olden days the local bands would play music on summer evening whilst ladies in white strolled with gentlemen.

I exclaimed to husband about the similarity and the artist immediately said "Oh that is that Gazebo, we live in Walla Walla."  This proves it's a small world and we started comparing town notes.  She knew several of my family members as well and it was just funny.  So I bought the print of this place where I have so many cherished childhood memories.  Here's the link to the picture I bought, it's just the print but oh well.

And here is the original.  Now the Walla Walla symphony plays there on magical summer evenings.  Walla Walla is my favorite hometown.

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