Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some Pics of our fishing trip

We decided to take off from life and go up fishing in the Tuccannon Wilderness in the Blue Mountains.  It is a place both Husband and I camped and fished at as a child.  There is the Tuccannon River which is great for trout fishing, and then there are 6 stocked lakes full of rainbows as well.  The lakes are very family friendly with pit toilets and nice accessible shores so that even small children can have a great time.

We caught quite a few trout but didn't keep them because there seems to be some sort of nasty fungal infection on many of them and there were allot of them dead.  It looked like ICK to me (I used to work in a petsmart fish department so I know all sort of fun fish diseases).  But it was fun to catch and release and the kids  had a great time in the woods.

The Wilderness had a horrible fire about 5 years ago and looks much different than it did when I was growing up, or even when we visited there when we first were married.  Husband proposed to me up there after a romantic picnic in a little meadow next to a creek.  Lots of wonderfull memories up there!

A Tom Turkey and his hens.  He gobbled at us and puffed up to show us who was boss.

Viking Boy on his first fishing trip.  He had a blast and loved every part of it.

At Curl Lake


A bush in flower

A stream going into Rainbow Lake

The lonely arid lands on our way there.  We drove for an hour and only saw one other car. The Blues are in the distance.

Wildflowers that covered the hills

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