Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pics of Fawn and Buttercup

Fawn is starting to get big now and is still so darn cute!  We are going to need to castrate him soon before he gets unmanageable.  We just use the rubber band way because its easy and almost foolproof.  Fawn is already getting some meat on him.  I can't wait for fall and lots of steaks (we usually can't afford steak)!  Is it horrible that I can think he is adorable but at the same time cant wait to eat him?

Doesn't he look like a little fawn deer?


Checking out the hose I turned on, both of them were very curious.

Buttercup interested in my camera

I milk Buttercup in the evenings and it is so soothing after a long day with the children.  The barn is quiet except for the sound of the milk pinging in the pail. Sometimes I hear a bird call or hawk screech.  Or sometimes even the coyotes yipping but other than that its just me and the cow.  Cows are very understanding listeners.  They ruminate on what you say and generally don't think they know better than you.  It's very calming milking a cow.  Leaning your head against her warm flank while you rhythmically work.  Not to say it isn't hard work at times.  Your hands get tired and sore, and sometimes the cow gets frisky and tries to kick the bucket.  But most days it's nice and you have a reward at the end of the endeavor.

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