Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Jonah Day

Anyone who reads the Anne of Green Gables book will instantly recognize the term "A Jonah Day" means.  Anne used it when everything seemed to go wrong and you were down in the dumps.

Well Tuesday was my Jonah Day.  I tried to get several things done but Viking Boy decided it was his Jonah Day too.  Or maybe he thought his part was the whale.  I tried to plant carrots and beets but all the while Viking boy was doing everything I told him NOT to do! He also decided that screaming over everything was the way to go, all day long. Typical two year old I guess. The vacuum cleaner broke. Then the bread didn't rise and I felt ready to cry.

I hate Jonah Days!

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  1. You sure have a lot on your plate! With a 2-year old it makes it much more challanging to accomplish! Read 2 Samuel 22:2 and be encouraged! You are doing a wonderful job!


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