Thursday, March 10, 2011

Signs of impending Labor: Buttercup Update

Over the last few days Buttercup has bagged up beyond belief!  And I thought she was big before.  This is her second "freshen" so she's not as huge as a third or fourth calver but still!  Her bag is now rock hard and her teats are full but not yet shiny.

Two days ago the farmer who lets us use his barn and pasture came in while we were feeding and caring for her and told us we should have a calf within a few days (he raised cattle for 20 years so he would know) with the way Buttercups bag and vagina was looking.  And he did say the word vagina with absolutely no embarrassment at all. We could have been discussing the weather, not the business end of a cow.   It's funny how conversations like that are totally normal for me  But that's the way it is when you raise livestock.  You come to be on very intimate terms with all aspects of an animals body and functions.  Especially reproduction.

Just yesterday Eldest daughter and I were discussing the finer points on rabbit reproduction (we just bred all her females) and how the males seem to be incredibly stupid when it comes to their main purpose.  The females, however, are patiently resigned to it and wait for them to figure out what they need to do. I'll post some picks of her rabbits soon.  They are so pretty.

Well, we will keep our fingers crossed in the hopes that it is tonight for calving.  Buttercups ligaments on the sides are loosening up which signals labor within 10 hours.  We've been praying everything will go smoothly and we won't have to call the vet in.

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