Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Plauge Family, Milking Update, And what I did Yesterday

We have been battling the flu for the past two weeks in our family.  Less than a week after Buttercup had her calf I was struck (more like poleaxed) with a vicious case of it and had to milk while shivering in my wellies.  I'm still coughing like a pack a day smoker but am feeling much better.

Husband also caught it and now its working its way through Eldest Daughter and Viking Boy.  Little Viking Boy is horribly sick and has had a high fever for 4 days now.  I took him in yesterday out of concern but the doc said we just have to let it take it's course.  Mean while Viking boy is only eating chocolate milk and strawberries with some cheese thrown in.  I hate it when babies are sick with high fevers!  It's so scary because you can't ask them how they feel.  I would rather have the fever myself than have him sick.

Milking is going very good, and now we keep Fawn penned up while I milk Buttercup.  She is allot calmer without the calf near her.  My hands are getting very strong and I can milk the whole time without stopping much.

Yesterday I finally felt really good and wanted to get into the kitchen and bake something!  I haven't baked much for the past month due to illness and the new calf.  But I also was baking out of necessity due to the fact that we now have about 6 gallons of milk needing to be put to some use. 

What I made:

A double batch of potato white bread into rolls and 1 loaf of bread (I made this extra rich with all milk instead of milk/water like it calls for)

Egg Noodles

Chicken and dumpling soup (great for when you feels sick)

The day before I also made vanilla pudding (homemade of course), farm wife frosted cake, coffee cake, cottage cheese, and maple syrup quick bread.  Everything turned out great and it is so nice having all the milk I could want for cooking and not having to scrimpt.  We also are getting lots of eggs so that helps in baking too.

My next project is trying to make yogurt.


  1. I think we all need some recipes. hehehehe

  2. yes like the maple syrup quick bread . cheryl s.e. wisconsin


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