Monday, January 31, 2011

Princess In Waiting Gets Hurt

My husband and I were sitting down chatting yesterday when Eldest Daughter carried Princess in Waiting into the house.  Eldest Daughter had been giving Princess a ride on the back of her bike when Princess's foot had gone into the wheel, catching and crushing the ankle!

Well Princess was crying and bleeding but Eldest Daughter thought it was just a sprain.   After taking control of the situation I started organizing the first aid detail by sending Husband up to get the first aid kit, IB Pro fen, and hydrogen peroxide while I evaluated the injury. We've been through minor first aid emergencies so often that its now second nature.  Having lived out in the country with 4 small kids and letting them explore you get used to injuries.  Looking at the ankle I saw that is was much worse than just a "Sprain" .  It was already purple and black and horribly swollen with two huge gashes. She was a little shocky and shaking all over. Thank the Lord that she was wearing long pants and socks or her leg would have been much worse! 

After I dosed her with pain killer (IB Pro fen also reduces swelling in injuries) I cleaned the wounds with hydro peroxide then applied antibiotic ointment and put a loose sterile bandage on it.  Then Husband and I decided that she better go to the rural hospital down the road for an X-ray just in case.  It just looked too bad to be only a sprain.

I asked Princess who she would like to take her in and she said tearfully "Daddy"!  So off they went.  The whole thing took about 20 minutes from her coming in to them leaving.  They were back home within an hour.  Our little hospital is never busy and on Sunday they are always dead.  I am so thankful we have one in our little town!  The doctor said she fractured the end of her tibia and has a very bad sprain.  Good thing we brought her in.  The nurse (a twenty year veteran) was impressed at our wound care and dressing and complimented Dan on taking such immediate action on preventing infection.  I once read that a little boy lost his leg because he got a cut and his parents didn't do anything more than wash it off.  Two days later he had a rampant staff infection and lost the whole leg.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Today little Princess is taking it easy and doing quiet time activities.  We have scheduled another appointment for an X-Ray on Friday.


  1. Oh no!!! That's horrible!!!!I hope she isn't in too much pain. I hate to see little ones hurt. Hope she gets better real soon.

  2. I hope your Princess isn't in too much pain...Tell her some of your readers are thinking of her and sending her hugs. =) I hope she feels better soon.

  3. Thank you for your good wishes. She is already getting around pretty well. Children bounce back so fast! She is begging me to let her go to kindergarten tomorrow but we'll play it by ear.


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