Friday, December 31, 2010

The Rosebud Dress

This morning I finished one of Princess in Waiting's winter dresses.  It turned out so pretty and she instantly begged to be allowed to wear it.  I said yes of course because although these dresses look fancy compared to what little girls are wearing now adays, they are meant as clothes she can wear every day.  I certainly don't go through all this work just so the clothes can hang in the closet! :)

This pattern is very easy to sew.  I reinforce all the seams because she plays hard and can tear them out.  I also made this dress a little long because it's so cold outside.  I buy thick cotton knit tights for her to wear with her dresses so her little legs don't get cold.  She has already made plans to wear it to church this Sunday.

After she had worn it a little while she asked me "Momma, do you like sewing me dresses?".  I said of course honey.  Then she said "When I grow up and be a mommy I'm going to sew dresses for my little girl and boy too."   That made it all worth while for me!

Today Eldest Daughter and I are going to cut out a pinafore for a dress that I already made her (you can see it in my other sewing post).  I'm now teaching her how to sew so that she will know how when she is a woman.  I actually plan on teaching all my children to sew/cook/clean/butcher animals/can food/garden/shoot a gun/etc because they are skills every person on earth should have.  While I was sewing Princess in waiting sat on my lap and helped feed the cloth in.

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