Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Old Fashioned Rag Box

In my effort to save money I never buy paper towels or Kleenex.  When we were very broke I learned to live without them and use old fashioned washcloths and cloth napkins for my every day use.  Now I only buy paper towels for when we do spring and fall cleaning of all the outside windows.  Other than that I clean my windows, glass, sinks and counters with cloth from my rag box.

The rag box is where I put all my old clothes that are too worn out to pass down/yard sale/donate.  I cut up hole filled t-shirts, sheets, or other sundry into to cleaning rags and even save any socks that have passed their prime.  I usually just pull the offending garments out while I fold clothes and then take them over to the rag box.  As you can imagine with 6 people we have plenty to supply all my cleaning needs.  I use the socks for scrubbing the sinks and counters after spraying them with bleach cleaners and then throw them away so that I'm not washing toxic chemicals into my washing machine.  I use them for polishing the wood and cleaning windows.  Just another way to get some more use out of something you might otherwise throw away.


  1. I grew up using old newspaper on the windows. It actually works better than paper towels because it doesn't leave lint.

  2. Cloris, why do you use toxic chemicals at all? Why not just vinegar for washing counters and sinks?


  3. Ditto the newspaper for the windows. We use socks as rags, too! To get those cobwebs high in the corners, I turn a sock inside-out, pop it over the handle-end of a broom or mop, and whisk away those clingy boogers!



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