Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Carrots from the Winter Garden

Today I decided it was time to pull the last of the carrots from the garden. Single digit temps are coming this weekend, but instead of having a foot of snow insulating them there is nothing but bare ground now.  Believe it or not you can keep carrots in the ground almost all winter if you live in an area that has somewhat warm weather.  If the ground freezes hard however, it will cause the carrots to freeze and crack, making them useless for everything but pig feed.

These were two varieties, yellows and regular orange.  The yellows are good and are heirlooms, but I noticed they were not as uniform as I would have liked.  This is a problem you sometimes see with heirloom produce. They taste rich and carroty and look find but are a little hairy.

I love carrots and would eat them at dinner every night if possible.  I can't wait for the coming year to plant more.  My plan is to have two entire rows devoted to carrots. YUM!

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