Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why I love Yardsales

I love and I mean absolutely love yard sales.  It's not just the fact that it's practically the only way I can get affordable nice things for our home.  It's also the thrill of the hunt, the possible great finds that you can get, the challenge of haggling with someone over the price.   It's my own form of entertainment.

This week was the best yard sales ever.  A town nearby was having a community wide yard sale weekend. I went with the kids and this is what I found.

Two.. Count them TWO! Hand wheat grinders that actually work!  I have been looking for these for years but could never afford them.  Purchase price?  $1.00 for both.  I am not joking, the husband collected wheat grinders for some reason and the wife just wanted to get rid of them.  These are heavy duty cast iron with stainless steel hoppers and the adjustable stones for grinding different types and coarseness of grains.  I looked them up on the Internet and they are antiques that sell for 60-80 dollars each!  I'm not selling though :)

Then I found a CB home base radio that is also a working antique.  I offered two bucks thinking I would get turned down but the lady said SOLD!  My husband who is a CB aficionado said I did good.

A beautiful Christmas tablecloth with six matching napkins.  2.00

An 18 piece set of correll ware that matches the set I already have.  5.00

Toys for my son.  Husband informed me these are incredibly expensive GI Joe's.  He loves these and they are in amazing condition. Including two other bigger ones  for Christmas 7.00


  1. Looks like you made some good finds. The CB station and dishes that match yours were a great catch.

    I do have to say good luck with the grain grinders. I have the same model at home and it really only grinds to a meal consistency rather than flour. I also had a cotter pin bust when I tried to tighten the heads to get a finer grind. Now yours might have better heads than what mine came with. Either way its good for an emergency though so I am keeping mine too.

  2. Wow! Great finds! I'm also looking for wheat grinders. Maybe I should go to some yard sales. lol


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