Sunday, October 24, 2010

This weeks Yardsale Finds

This weeks was another good one for yard sales.  I have been wanting a wicker set for our front porch ever since we moved in.  This is, after all, a Victorian house so one has to have a wicker seating set.  But as I am extremely cheap and underfunded I didn't buy one.  Until this weekend that is!

Good things come to those who wait!  I got this set that has two chairs a loveseat and a table all for $5.00.  It needs repainted and for five more bucks I got enough white spray paint to do it.

I also Got a whole roll of brand new gauzy curtain fabric which will look great in the new girls room that we just made.  That was $2.00

The lady also gave me a whole bag full of brand new zippers fro clothing and a thread organizer for free.


  1. Score! That is awesome, good for you!

  2. What a deal! I went to a thrift store this weekend to buy fabric for different sorts of crafts and was amazed at how much they wanted for some pieces! I then looked at sheets/curtains to use instead and they were just a pricey! Nothing beats a yard sale's prices.


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