Friday, October 15, 2010

Smokey- Dogs have families, Cats have servants


Smokey is our male cat that we found last spring.  He was still a kitten and wandering around. He had obviously been sleeping under a car because he had motor oil on him and was starving.  I told the kids that we would try to find him a home.  Now most people who know me would laugh at this because I am a notorious sucker for anything furry.  It's only through strength of will that my husband has been able to restrain my compulsion for bringing animals home.  As a child my parents became inured to finding stray animals at home when they got off work.  "But he/she followed me home, please can we keep it!"  Was my anguished cry.  Actually I usually carried or tempted the animal home.

I like cats, there's something about their attitude and orneriness that is fun.  There is nothing like getting a cat all worked up and excited.  Smokey is not only a beautiful cat but he is a wonder with children.  He likes to rough house with us but with our two year old he never bites or scratches.  Even when the two year old deserves it!

Here is a funny joke, and with the way my cat looks at me sometimes I have to wonder!


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  1. I don't think my cat will kill me until after she has learned to open the cat food for herself. The day she does, I'm a goner.


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