Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love at Home

One of my top priorities as a wife and mother is to make home a comforting place to come to. I want my home to be a haven from all the cares and stresses of the world. After all we have so much to contend with every day. Our homes should be a place of refuge where you feel safe and loved. So when my children come home from a long day at school I like to have some baked treat and a warm fire waiting for them. When my wonderful husband comes home after a hard day at his very physical job I want him to be able to rest and relax and enjoy his family.

Serving my family this way can be difficult at times when I'm tired or discourage, but when I know that I have blessed them with a loving home it brings such contentment and joy to my heart.

Here's another song from my antique school songs book called

Love at Home


  1. yes it makes you feel, alls right with the world againg cheryl


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