Saturday, September 2, 2017

What is the true example of how hate filled our country is at present?

What is the true test of hatred in a country?  How can you tell if a country is truly bigoted or racist.  It is when disaster strikes. Today you can find COUNTLESS pictures and stories of ordinary people putting themselves in great danger, spending days unpaid, and spending their own money to go hundreds of miles to help SAVE ANYONE they find regardless of race or color.  THis is supposadly in one of the most conservative, and therefore, the most bigoted part of our country (when you listen to the media).  Even more telling is that they seek no special recognition and in fact on the whole shy away from it.  They just see others needing help and they GO.

During any disaster what I see is thousands of Americans reaching out to those in need.  For the most part these people are the conservative, redneck, gun toting, hunting demographic who the media and political groups tell us are all bigoted race haters! REALLY???? 

What happened on 9-11, hurricane Katrina, the wildfires, the tornadoes, the terrible winter storms? What do we see? We see Americans helping Americans! And that help crosses all race, gender, and ideological lines! America is still a great nation of people. We still care for our neighbors and even for perfect strangers no matter what their color or religion. 

Would that happen if true racism existed? If hate was truly endemic to our nation?  No of course not.  

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  1. So true! It begs the question, why do the media, university and political elite hate America and want to pull her down? Why do they feel the need to remake the USA into a socialist cesspool? Why don't they just go to the country where the government is run the way they say it should be and where there is no racism/bigotry and live there? One answer is that there is no such place on earth; the other answer, of course, is the perpetual "It's never been done correctly, and if we could just do it here and do it correctly we have Utopia." Hogwash and sheep dip! Socialism/Communism will NEVER work because liberty and personal accountability is what motivates citizens to work hard and prosper. Those who go to the rescue of their fellow citizens are a wonderful example of having the freedom to take personal action, with no governmental agency telling us to, to help in times of need. It actually happens in non-disaster situations all the time too. It is a shame that the vocal minority is ruining this country for the rest of us. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is one of my favorite rescue photos. That big strong teddy bear is tenderly holding that frightened grandma's hand. They warm my heart.


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