Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Favorite Things - Pie Safe Love

Pie safes were a eminently practical item that every country housewife owned at the turn of the century.  Most women had a baking day where they baked all the bread, pies, muffins, and treats for their family in one fell swoop.  They then needed a safe place too keep their baked goods that kept mice and bugs out, but still provided ventilation.  The punched tin not only was decorative, but functional.  I have been wanting a pie safe of my own for years.  Sigh... someday!
Green Pie Safe ...~♥~...I would love to get a hold of one of these beauties:
Homestead Revival: Pie Safe Love! Farmhouse kitchen decor.:
Antique 1860's Primitive Farm Built Punch Tin Pie Safe Jelly Cupboard:
Pie Safe. Gorgeous  AND I don't know why I find them so irresistible :):
Grandma's Window Screen Pie Safe... Very interesting Website for Old Type Farm - Survival homestead:

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